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21 Nov


21 Nov 2018

Facing with the weird changes of the body during puberty, every girl will come up with curiosity and questions that can not themselves explain. From the “baby body”, this now becomes ‘lady body” more attractive and there are obvious changes.


Whenever someone caught a glimpse of her body, the alarm sounded in her mind: “Why does everyone seem to see everything under my arms, on my arms, in my legs??? How should I deal with tomorrow’s school uniform??? ”
Understanding that worry, Cléo Hair Removal Cream brand has collaborated with Muc Tim magazine to organize the event with the theme “The first surprise of puberty” on October 23 at Nguyen Van To Secondary School To answer the secret questions of teenagers.


Along with the teenagers in this event is the presence of famous singer Truong Thao Nhi (Champion of Sing My Song contest). With her youthful style, her energetic voice, she quickly made the atmosphere of the event hotter than ever!
Besides that, from the point of view of the older brothers and sisters, the trustworthy experts consulted enthusiastically and uncovered from A to Z all around the problem of puberty for the teenagers, from psychological changes and how should they prepare for “successful puberty.”

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In particular, the event also equips teenagers with ways to deal with anxiety about their body hair. Cléo Hair Removal Cream brand not only teaches teenagers how to remove body hair safely, provides useful knowledge to help them confidently deal with puberty mildly, gets over the examination of their body from the words of others, but the event also gives free samples to them to experience Cléo products and immediately see the amazing results.


The series of events “The first surprise of puberty” by Cléo Hair Removal Cream brand collaborated with Muc Tim magazine, held from October 23 to November 27 in four secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh city as below:
1. Nguyen Van To Secondary School
2. Le Quy Don Junior High School
3. Nguyen Huu Tho High School
4. Ngo Quyen High School

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