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Where the stories of leading beauty brands have been made

A brand can only get into the market and touch the consumers’ hearts if it is well developed and managed by the hands of professionals. Francia Beauty Company is where many stories of leading beauty brands have been achieved successfully.

With more than 10 years experience in the beauty industry and a professional team, we organize market research to inform winning brand strategies, develop product concepts, and initiate sales and marketing activities for brands in Vietnam market. The majority of brands managed by Francia Beauty have achieved leading positions in their target market segments such as:

CLEO – No.1 in hair removal solution:

BIGEN – No.1 in covering gray hair color: 

BEAUTY LABO – No.1 in fashion hair coloring: 

FELINA – No.1 in nail polish brand for nail technicians: 

JAGUAR – No.1 in professional hair scissors:

GELISH & MORGAN TAYLOR – No.1 in professional nail products:

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